Olympus OTV-SI with Visera PEF-V Video-Esophagoscope

Olympus OTV-SI with Visera PEF-V Video-Esophagoscope Olympus endoscopy, Olympus Esophageal, 
Video Endoscopy  Olympus OTV-SI Digital Video Processor / LightSource with 
Visera PEF-V Video-Esophagoscope - OTV-SI Processor + PRF-V Scope ONLY! 

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Olympus OTV-SI Digital Video Processor / LightSource = Space-Saving Design: The integrated light source and video processor make the OTV-SI the imaging platform of choice for clinics of all sizes.

Unprecedented Image Quality: To meet the needs for higher quality imaging in ENT office examinations, the OTV-SI Office Video Endoscopy System delivers the same true color, high resolution video imaging.

Contour enhancement: Contour enhancement defines contours in the image for clear observation

Multipurpose Interface for Fiber/Rigid Endoscopes: By connecting a camera head, you can use your existing fiber/rigid endoscopes.

Olympus Visera PEF-V Video-Esophagoscope w/case = The VISERA PEF-V transnasal esophagoscope was created for in-office, unsedated esophagoscopy.  The PEF-V features color-consistent, high-resolution images, a large 2 mm treatment channel, and superb performance in an ergonomic design.  With a tip diameter measuring just 5.3 mm, the PEF-V enables smooth insertion without sedation, and its wide field of view and angulation range make orientation in the aerodigestive tract easier.

Key Benefits are:  Unrivaled image quality: Images are color-consistent, moire-free, and clearer than ever before for enhanced diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities.   Digital recording capabilities: Used in combination with the VISERA video system, PEF-V allows digital capture of still and moving images, making documentation and image management easier than ever before.   Ergonomic design: An ergonomically designed control section provides comfort and control for easier handling and smoother operation.

Digital imaging utilizing a CCD at the scope tip produces clear and vivid images

Miniaturized Color CCD provides consistent color reproduction without separation for improved observation

5.3mm Outer Diameter allows for smooth insertion without sedation

Air/Water Insufflation & Suction capability is easily activated on the control section to maximize visualization

2mm Biopsy Channel makes the PEF-V compatible with a number of Olympus endotherapy accessories for a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

VISERA TM video system allows digital recording of still and moving images for documentation and management purposes

Long 650mm working length lets the user reach the stomach and observe the cardia more easily

Channel Width.......: 2.0 mm     Working Length......: 650 mm     Field of View.......: 120        Outer Diameter......: 5.3 mm

Outer Diameter IT...: 5.2 mm    Max Angulation Up  .: 180          Max Angulation Down.: 130