Diagnostic Imaging Specialist Corp AEC-6MW DISC


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Diagnostic Imaging Specialist Corp AEC-6MW DISC

Diagnostic Imaging Specialist Corp AEC-6MW DISC specializes in quality control and calibration instruments which identifies and solves problems with existing radiological systems.

Wireless AEC6 Mammo
Technical Specifications
X-ray energy dependence: Simulates relative light output of Green Rare Earth Screens within +/- 3% over kVp range of 20 to 32 kVp and a patient equivalent thickness range of 2 to 8 cm (within specified operating rates).
Digital range: Mammo AEC#; 0 to 6553.5
AE6 MamchexMinimum GRN AEC# Rate: 15.0/sec (approx 1.5 mR/sec cassette exposure rate)
Maximum GRN AEC# Rate: 3000/sec (approx 300 mR/sec entrance exposure rate)
Power On/Off: Manual switch
Controls: Software Reset control.
Functions: Measures Mammo AEC#; Calculates Optical Density Value from Mammo AEC#.
Power requirements: Internal Rechargeable 9.6V batter pack.
Typical battery life: Greater than 15 hrs.
Operating environment: 59 degrees to 95 degrees F (15 to 35 degrees C)
Electronic Cassette: Dimensions: 10x12x0.5″ (24x30x1.3cm)  Weight: 3.9lb (1.8kg)
Software: Microsoft Excel Template Software CD including Instruction Manual.

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