Faxitron X Ray Digital Biopsy System

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Faxitron X Ray Digital Biopsy System

Faxitron X Ray Digital Biopsy System    DX-50 , clean unit, complete, used, with PC

Faxitron X-Ray LLC’s new digital core specimen radiography system is named the DX-50 Core. The unit features a new, smaller camera and is intended for dedicated use in the stereotactic suite. The compact unit produces high-resolution digital images in seconds that can be viewed immediately on its flat panel display to ensure that core specimens contain a representative sample of microcalcifications.

The DX-50 Digital Specimen Radiography System saves precious time, whether in the OR or the stereotactic suite, which means a faster procedure for the patient, the doctor, the staff, and facility. The system provides on-the-spot digital images in seconds that can be immediately shared with the entire medical team – within the facility, at the breast center or even across town.

Superior image quality. The DX-50 provides superior specimen radiographs while eliminating the scheduling and sterilization problems common to using conventional mammography systems for specimen radiography. The DX-50 is equipped with our large 12 cm X 12 cm camera for use with surgical specimens. If the system will be located in the stereotactic suite and dedicated to core biopsies, our smaller, less expensive 5 cm X 5 cm camera is the perfect choice. Both cameras offer exceptional 10 lp/mm spatial resolution in contact mode. A magnification stand allows for 1.5X geometric magnification of the specimen to produce spatial resolution of 15 lp/mm.

Small and portable. The entire system – self-contained x-ray unit, workstation, monitor, mouse and keyboard – is available in a portable configuration, housed on a heavy-duty mobile cart and can be quickly and easily relocated from one surgical suite or area of a facility to another. If the cart is equipped with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and the facility has wireless intra/internet capabilities, the system can remain powered, operational, and connected to the PACS network during relocation from one suite or location to another. This adds even further time savings. If the system will only be used in a stereotactic suite and portability is not a requirement, the system is available without a cart and requires a minimal amount of table space.

Easy to operate. The DX-50 is extremely easy to operate. Simply insert the specimen in to the chamber, close the shielded, safety-interlocked door, and then activate the x-ray. Our advanced Automatic Exposure Control selects the appropriate exposure time and kV settings for the specimen and then automatic window leveling and auto sharpen take over to deliver the optimal image in a matter of seconds. The system requires self-calibration only once per day which takes less than 1 minute.

DICOM 3.0 compliant software. The software conforms to DICOM standards and includes DICOM Store, Modality Work List and Print Service Classes. Results are archived by patient name, doctor, operator and date. Click here to view the DICOM conformance statement for the software.

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