GE Senographe DS Digital Mammography System

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GE Senographe DS Digital Mammography System

GE Senographe DS Digital Mammography System, 2008 with workstation

GE took digital mammography to the next level by unveiling the Senographe DS which includes stereotactic capabilities.  The DS became their first system to integrate screening, diagnosis and interventional capabilities into one system.  The DS uses the same size flat panel detector as the 2000D, but with a smaller tube.  With the inclusion of the stereotactic option, some have found this to be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a dedicated stereotactic table.
At GE, we don’t simply meet expectations. We define them. With the introduction of full-field digital mammography (FFDM) in 2000*, GE continued its leadership in mammography. Since then, more than 15 million women have been imaged with GE’s FFDM technology. Designing the whole system around the proven Revolution™ flat panel detector, GE is the only manufacturer today that controls the entire imaging chain from the tube to the review workstation. Healthcare professionals using Senographe® digital systems on a daily basis praise its image quality, productivity and reliability. Now GE draws on this unrivaled experience to take digital mammography to the next level with the Senographe DS system. Designed with input from healthcare professionals and patients worldwide, Senographe DS sets new benchmarks for ease-of-use, patient comfort, image quality, versatility, digital workflow integration…and investment security.
For technologists It simplifies clinical exams while fitting their individual needs – allowing them to focus on the patient. • Intuitive and convenient user interface. Each button is uniquely shaped, allowing technologists to operate the system while maintaining visual contact with the patient. • One-touch motorized positioning for cranio-caudal views and oblique views. The first oblique angle is used to drive to the opposite oblique view. Gantry rotation stops automatically for lateral views. • Two drive speeds for height and rotation enables fast or fine positioning. Speed profiles can be set to your preference. The Senographe DS allows easy one-touch image acquisition with consistent image quality. • AutoCell defines the densest area of the breast while AOP (Automatic Optimization of Parameters) selects the optimal imaging parameters (track, filter, kV, mAs) based on the breast thickness and radiological density. • Images are displayed in less than 10 seconds for fast positioning and IQ checks. • AutoQAP ensures consistent image quality while minimizing the workload associated with quality assurance programs. For patients Senographe DS provides a less stressful mammography experience for patients, too, with new features that enhance their comfort and reassurance. • A remarkably thin tube head allows for comfortable and efficient patient positioning. • A new ergonomic paddle shapes to the breast to improve compression uniformity and comfort. • Exclusive handles are designed to minimize a patient’s muscle contraction. • Patients in wheelchairs can be easily positioned. Intuitive user interface Intuitive user interface Remarkably thin tube head Ergonomic paddle Exclusive handles The result: Easy, comfortable exams.

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