Cooper Surgical CS1600 Digital Video Colposcope

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Cooper Surgical CS1600 Digital Video Colposcope

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Cooper Surgical CS1600 Digital Video Colposcope

Cooper Surgical CS1600 Digital Video Colposcope, stand, computer, keyboard, mouse & monitor with software installed

COOPER SURGICAL CS1600 DIGITAL COLPOSCOPY SYSTEM with Windows base computer, Video camera, Rolling articulating Stand, Light, Green Filter

Advanced colposcopic imaging and documentation capabilities designed for a growing practice. This versatile system delivers the same high quality optics as our most technologically advanced units and incorporates basic documentation facilities. Now you can view and document using the integrated Cerveillance® Image Viewer Software. Win95 based

Continuous stereoscopic zoom optics covers the full range from 3.6X to 18X for ease of operation and maximum diagnostic accuracy.

Document patient visits with actual images on a standardized Colposcopy Report using the built-in Cerveillance® Image Viewer Software Program.
System upgrades available to achieve digital video capability and the comprehensive Cerveillance® Patient Management Program.
Antiglare coating and precision lenses for diagnostic accuracy.
Integrated design includes a computer and a high-resolution LCD monitor.

Articulating arm platform provides added stability for imaging procedures.

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