Philips HeartStart MRx BiPhasic Defibrillator

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Philips HeartStart MRx BiPhasic Defibrillator

Philips HeartStart MRx BiPhasic Defibrillator  Philips MRx Defibrillator/Monitor is the best, most state of the art color ACLS monitor/defibrillator!

The Philips HeartStart MRx is a transport monitor/defibrillator specifically designed with EMS in mind. With a wide viewing angle and full-color display, users appreciate the ease and speed at which critical information is conveyed. Features:

  • Code View: Critical information is enlarged and immediately recognized.
  • 12-Lead ECG View: See all 12-leads at once and know at a glance that all leads are connected. This provides a real-time view of the patient’s condition.
  • Monitor View: See 4 waves with matched-colored numeric data.
  • Clinical Superiority using SMART Biphasic waveform.
  • True 1-2-3 operation for fast time to shock.
  • The ability to display four separated clinical waveforms and the option to view all 12 waves at once on one screen.
  • Automated hourly, daily and weekly self tests, and operational “Ready-for-Use” indicator.
  • Optional Temperature Monitoring.
  • Optional Capnography.

Philips offers the lightest weight ACLS defibrillator/ monitor on the market. Some features that you will appreciate are:

  • Lightweight – 13.2 lbs. With base unit, batteries, pads and cables.
  • Largest color display – 8.4in. diagonal displays four waveforms. Others show only two or three.
  • Display all 12 leads simultaneously. Large color display shows when lead is off for easy use.
  • Code View –  shuts off alarms and displays the critical components in larger size.
  • Easy to Use – the design is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Long life batteries – only 1.6 lbs, half the weight of others.  Gves over 5 hours of continuous 12 lead ECG, SpO2 and CO2 monitoring with NBP every 15 minutes.
  • Automatic self tests hourly and daily.
  • Easily configurable.