Philips Achieva MRI 1.5T 8 channel

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Philips Achieva MRI 1.5T 8 channel

Philips Achieva MRI 1.5T 8 Channel , 2004 , with 23mT gradient ,Software level:  XP,,
Software options:  FSE, Turbo, MRA, Yes, EPI, 3D:, Diffusion, Neuro, Motion correction.
Coils:  Head-8 Ch.Sense, NV 8 channel, Synergy Spine Coil, Synergy Torso Coil, Synergy Knee Coil-8 Ch.
Syngery Multi-connect, 2 Sense Flex, C1 and C3 coils.
Achieva 1.5T magnet
1.57m (5.15 ft) in length
Wide patient opening has a 110 cm (43 inch) flare
Patient bore diameter is 60 cm (23.6 inch), length 60cm
Comfortable patient support- patients weighing up to 250 kg (550 lbs) to be comfortably positioned
Friendly patient enviroment
Achieva ScanTools
Pulsar Gradient System
33mTm peak on axis
80 mT/m/ms slew rate
Scalable 32 RF
8 RF channel standard configuration
18KW power amplifier

Windows XP Host Computer
2.8 GHz Dual Intel Xeon processors
3 GB internal memory
36 GB system disk
36 GB data storage disk (for approx. 250,000 256256 images)
VCR video interface
MOD Image Storage Device
RapidView Reconstructor
Scantools R1
ScanTools Clinical Application Packages

Spin Echo
Fast Field Echo
Turbo Field Echo
Turbo Spin Echo
Echo Planar Imaging
Time of Flight
Contrast Enhanced
Phase Contrast
Quantitative flow
Cardiac gated breath-hold
Single-slice multi-phase
3D k-space shutter
Import/Export Store Images
Secondary Capture
Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State
Storage Commitment
Grayscale Print
DICOM Media Interchange
DICOM Conformance Statement
DICOM standard

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