Toshiba Opart MRI

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Toshiba Opart MRI

Toshiba Opart MRI, Permanent magnet, 6 coils

Toshiba OPART is the only cryogenless, superconducting, mid-field (0.35T) MR system that continues to provide the comfort of an open design and the versatility of high-field applications at an affordable price.

Advanced Technology for Fast, High-resolution Imaging
OPART™ combines superconducting performance with the advantages of open MR to help healthcare providers stay competitive as new imaging techniques, as well as referring physician and patient demands, shape and reshape the market. Advanced technology featured on the OPART provides unparalleled image quality and ease of use so that fast, accurate results can be sped to the point of care.
Included technologies on the OPART are:
· The industry’s first, open superconducting magnet for images with incredible image detail and enhanced patient comfort
· An open architecture for all-around patient access, especially for claustrophobic, obese and pediatric patients
· Revolutionary, cryogenless magnet design with the best mechanical stability and operating cost savings
· A range of coils for head-to-toe imaging capabilities
· New Version 4.0 software offering the simplicity of customized operations and the versatility of more advanced, high-field sequences
· Four-way movement through motorized patient couch or manual floating tabletop
· Easy and precise patient positioning
· Up to 500 lbs accommodated
· Largest vertical opening (55 cm) for maximum space between patient and magnet
· Long horizontal opening (105 cm)
· Ideal for elderly, pediatric, claustrophobic and large patients
· Superconducting technology for high-resolution imaging
· No helium for lower operating costs
· Restricted mechanical vibration for fast scanning
Four-post design
· Highest magnet stability
· Elimination of vibration associated with two-post or C-arm systems
· Patient access from four sides for comfort and ease
· Quadrature, solenoid and multi-channel configurations
· Optimal coverage and signal to noise

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