ADAC Forte Nuclear Medicine System Dual Head

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ADAC Forte Nuclear Medicine System Dual Head

ADAC Forte Nuclear Medicine System Dual Head, DOM 9/99, still in use

Philips (ADAC) Forte Gamma Camera - The Forte Nuclear Medicine camera is designed for general purpose, SPECT, and Planar imaging. It can provide as many as fifteen different image sets using physician specified protocols. The camera’s unique open design accommodates patients on gurneys, in hospital beds and even in wheel chairs.


  • Semi Auto Exchange system
  • EPIC or AZ Detectors
  • Rectangular 20” x 15” FOV
  • Work processing station

The Phillips Forte (ADAC Forte) gamma camera with acquisition and sophisticated detector technology was one of the most advanced gamma camera systems available. Forte provides exceptional clinical flexibility, enhanced department workflow, and a platform for emerging molecular imaging agents.

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