GE Definium AMX-700 Mobile Digital Radiography

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GE Definium AMX-700 Mobile Digital Radiography

GE Definium AMX-700 Mobile Digital Radiography ,  Definium series, 2009

Definium* AMX 700 delivers the image quality of a traditional x-ray room in a mobile system.
Mobility. Durability. Affordability. Mobility and reliability make the Definium AMX 700 ideally suited for all routine radiographic procedures where portable x-rays are needed. Now you can obtain the image quality of a stationary system.

Obtain image quality of a traditional x-ray room
Enhance image detail with multi-resolution processing
Use algorithm to locate and crop/shutter any collimation edges
Simplify the workflow of mobile radiography
Connect to the hospital’s HIS or RIS system
Sort and select patients and procedures easily
Position patients using pre-programmed techniques by anatomy and size
Single-piece detector provides the highest image quality with significantly less dose to the patient
Capture, save, process images automatically
Preview image in less than 10 seconds
Single-panel amorphous silicon detector with cesium iodide scintillator
High quantum efficiency/ Low Noise Electronics
Portable flat panel detector with tether
15” touch screen monitor for user interface, instant image preview
Touch screen activated technique selection
DICOM 3.0 and IHE compatible for network connectivity
Simplified tube parking process
Ergonomic hand-switch controls
12.5kW high tension transformer
Rotating anode x-ray tube
Wireless networking option
GENERATOR Power rating, kw @ 100 kvp 12.5 kW
ALUMINUM FILTER, mm 1.14 nm Al equivalent at 70 kVp
Sid range, cm 100-180 (39.4-70.7)
POWER NEEDED Maximum line draw 5 A, 110 VAC; 110 VAC nominal, 60 Hz wall plug
Dimensions 193 x 64.8 x 115.6 (76 x 25.5 x 45.5)
WEIGHT, kg 468 (980), 559 (1,230) with battery
Power source Ac line Charge battery only + Battery
Battery type Lead acid
Energy capacity, mas 50-90 kV, 0.4 to 320 mAs; 95-105 kV, 0.4 to 250 mAs; 110-125 kV, 0.44 to 200 mAs
Charging time, full charge, hr 3.75
Low-battery indicator Yes
PATIENT-CENTERING/ COLLIMATOR LIGHT Collimator field light can be activated from collimator or handswitch
Horizontal, cm 40.6 (16)
Vertical, cm 138.4 (54.5)
Z-axis, ° Maximum focal spot 201.2 cm (79.2 in) height, minimum focal spot 62.4 cm (24.6 in) height
X-axis, ° Max horizontal 107.6 cm (42.4 in) extension, minimum horizontal 67 cm (26.4 in) extension
Type Digital kVp + Mas
Digital Detector DR, Type Cesium iodide based flat-panel digital detector
Size, cm 41 x 41 (16 x 16)
Size of built-in display monitor 15“ touchscreen for user interface and instant image preview
Number of images per battery charge Varies
Time to display image =8 seconds
Type of network connection DICOM 3.0 and IHE compatible; wireless networking available for all DICOM services
Speed, mph 0-3
Max incline, ° 5
HANDHELD CONTROL Optional remote w/Cord length, m 3.7 (12)
Heat capacity, hu 140000
Maximum output, kvp 125
Range 50-125
Increments Yes
mAs RANGE 50-90 kV, 0.4 to 320 mAs; 95-105kV, 0.4 to 250 mAs; 110-125 kV, 0.44 to 200 mAs
Increments 25%
Focal spot, mm 0.8
Tube power rating, kw @ 100 kvp 12.5 kW
OTHER ATTRIBUTES Integrated design allows access to HIS/RIS; anatomy selection; image processing and communication to PACS; Linux-based operating system.
FDA CLEARANCE Yes                               CE MARK Yes

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