Siemens Siremobil Compact L C Arm Flat Monitors

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Siemens Siremobil Compact L C Arm Flat Monitors

Siemens Siremobil Compact L C Arm Flat Monitors , 2009, excellent

Siremobil Compact L C Arm is Siemens’ compact all-round performer in intraoperative imaging. It supports various surgical applications in general surgery, orthopedics, trauma, pain management and ambulatory care. Thanks to its compact and ergonomic design, it is particularly easy to handle and operate. This means accelerated workflow and ultimately significant time and cost savings in your daily work.
Designed for high-quality imaging at low dose
Engineered for reliability
Shaped for advanced ergonomic handling and easy positioning
Built for user-friendly integration into clinical workflows

Built for easy, user-friendly workflow ◾ Start-up time of only 40 seconds ◾ Well-conceived control concept including an easy-to-understand user interface ◾ Effortless navigation through patient files, images, and clinical results ◾ Most important functions can be selected with a single keystroke Shaped for advanced ergonomic handling ◾ Counterbalanced C-arm with a large orbital rotation of 130° and integrated image intensifier handle ◾ Excellent patient access through surpassing values in free space, immersion depth, and overscan ◾ Intelligent color coding of brakes, handles, and scales for fast and precise positioning ◾ Space-saving, lightweight trolley for easy maneuverability

Designed for high-quality imaging at low dose ◾ Consistent digital 1K2 imaging chain ◾ Extended fluoro times of over 50 minutes ◾ Siemens CARE* initiative for lowest possible dose ◾ MEMOSKOP CX imaging system for individual storage requirements from 25 to 5,000 images ◾ Comprehensive connectivity for image storage and data transfer including CD writer, USB interface, and DICOM network interface ◾ External monitor connection for duplication of the live monitor or the reference monitor Engineered for reliability ◾ Renowned for reliable performance and versatility in mobile surgical imaging ◾ In daily use by convinced professionals all over the world ◾ Wide range of flexible service and support options provides high uptime and long system life

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