Ziehm Vista Plus C Arm

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Ziehm Vista Plus C Arm

Ziehm Vista Plus C Arm , 2007 system, 9″ Intensifier, dual flat screen monitors, Serial No. 5768 \

Ziehm Vista Plus C Arm – This is the most versatile mobile C-arm – the selection process is made easy. Offering outstanding functionality in terms of image quality, user interface and dose savings Ziehm Vista can be used for a wide range of fluoroscopic imaging applications. With its proven mobility and fully developed connectivity, working with Ziehm Vista results in increased efficiency and lower total cost of ownership.

Image Quality is clearly the most important feature of any mobile C-arm. The Ziehm Vista development team intensively reviewed the Vista’s entire video chain – from the camera, through every element of the Ziehm Video Signal Processor – to the standardly integrated 18” flat screen displays.The result is optimized image quality for every type of procedure. Ziehm Vista’s Full Frame techno logy eliminates poor image definition and generates excellent, interference-free images.

The Anatomical Programs found in every Ziehm Vista optimize image quality to each body region using the lowest possible dose. Choose between the ‘Extremities’, ‘Spine’ and ‘Thorax’ Anatomical Programs to ensure superb image quality in each type of procedure. In addition, unique ‘Metal’ and ‘Soft’ imaging programs further enhance image quality in otherwise difficult imaging conditions.

Wherever you look on the Ziehm Vista, you will find features that can significantly reduce the radiation dose delivered to the patient, the physician and personnel within the operating theatre. Every Ziehm Vista includes specialized x-ray filters, which, in conjunction with the non-interlaced CCD camera, decrease the patient dose considerably with no loss in image contrast.

In addition, the following features ensure that Ziehm Vista is one of the most patient-friendly mobile fluoroscopy systems available:

• Full Frame Technology
• Digital image rotation and reversal without radiation
• Virtual collimation without radiation
• Anatomical Programs
• Pulsed fluoroscopy with last image hold
• Patient dose recording
• Half-dose mode
• Laser cross-hair positioning and centering

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