GE Voluson 730 Pro ultrasound machine is one of the best-selling 4D ultrasound systems of all time. The used Voluson 730 Pro has excellent image quality, very good 4D imaging, and its price makes it affordable and easy to buy for most clinicians. The Voluson 730 ultrasound system is not only for 4D. It has excellent image quality in 2D modes and is very popular in OB/GYN/Vascular/Small Parts and general Women’s Health situations.

The GE Voluson 730 Pro is a go-to system for people looking for a good price and excellent image quality for a 4D ultrasound machine. These used ultrasounds are very stable and durable. Variety of probes include, curved linear, linear, intracavitary & volumetric.

GE Voluson 730 Pro Features

2D/3D/4D Imaging
M-Mode and PW/Color/Power Doppler
Integrated CD/DVD Burner
Tissue Harmonic Imaging
SRI Speckle Reduction Imaging (option at BT04 and later)
CrossXBeam compound Imaging (option at BT04 and later)
STIC Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation option
TUI Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging option
VOCAL Volumetric Calculation
Cine Review
Quad-view multiplane 4D real-time views
Automatic Tissue Optimization (ATO)
4 active probe ports
Image Archive on CD/DVD and Hard Drive

Applications: Abdominal, Breast, Endovaginal, Gynecology, Musculoskeletal, Neonatal, OB-GYN, Obstetrics, Pediatric, Peripheral vascular, Small Parts, Urology, Vascular, Voluson