Philips HDI5000 SonoCT Shared Service Ultrasound

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Philips HDI5000 SonoCT Shared Service Ultrasound

Philips HDI5000 SonoCT Shared Service Ultrasound with 5 transducers & VCR

Used system with 5 probes
C5-2 convex
L7-4 linear
C9-5 IntraCavitary (ring in image- see pic)
P4-1 cardiac
CW  pencil
ECG patient cable w/leads
Nice Images
One wheel is dragging

Second-generation SonoCT imaging brings the technology to a broader range of scanheads and merges it with advanced signal processing technologies, such as tissue harmonic imaging, and display technologies such as 3-D and panoramic ultrasound. SonoCT imaging processes up to nine distinct lines of sight and compounds them in real-time, resulting in images that contain diagnostic information unobtainable by conventional single-line-of-sight ultrasound. Second-generation SonoCT imaging is available on the HDI 5000 or as an upgrade option for existing HDI 5000 systems.

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