Medrad Bayer Stellant D Dual Syringe CT Injection System

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Medrad Bayer Stellant D Dual Syringe CT Injection System

Medrad Bayer Stellant D Dual Syringe CT Injection System – Medrad® Stellant® D Dual Syringe CT Injection System.   Intelligent, Intuitive, Innovative  Stellant D is the smart choice for dependable performance exactly when you need it – during critical CT contrast exams, where accuracy is vital and real-time injection graphics are indispensable. The Stellant D Dual Syringe CT Injection System is consistently reliable, easy to use and offers safety features ranging from the dual syringe capability, to the priming tube, to the interface.

Dual Syringe design delivers accuracy and reliability
Stellant D provides saline flush capabilities and robust protocol options for advanced clinical applications:

• Designed for complex CTA and Cardiac CT protocols
• Creates a tight contrast bolus for better visualization
• Enables precisely timed contrast delivery
• Reduces streaking (or beam-hardening) artifacts in Cardiac CT

• Enables injection of a ratio of saline and contrast for optimal enhancement in both the right and left side of the heart, based on physician specific requirements (DualFlow option)
• Real-time display of injection pressure in graph form

Stellant D safely increases throughput
The Stellant D interface was designed to save time during setup and injection with a very user-friendly system.

• Snap-on / twist-off syringe design
• Automatic plunger advance and retract when attaching and detaching syringes
• Automatic filling and automatic priming with the touch of a button
• Stores and recalls up to 32 protocols
• Multi-phase programming (and patented Hold/Pause feature)
• Integrated saline test inject
• Programmable pressure limit

Injection specifications:

Flow Rate: 0,1 to 10 ml/sec in 0,1 ml increments
Volume: 1 ml to syringe capacity in 1 ml increments
Pressure limit: 325 psi, 2241 kPa with 200 ml syringe (programmable)
Scan Delay: 0 – 300 seconds (5 minutes) in 1 s increments
Pause: 1 – 900 seconds (15 minutes) in 1 s increments
Hold: maximum is 20 minutes
Syringes: 200 ml sterile disposable syringe
Phases: max. 6
Protocols: max. 32
Electrical Requirements: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Syringe Heater Range: 35 degrees C +/-5 degrees; 95 degrees F +/-9 degrees

Dual Injector Head: Height 6,1” (15,5 cm) Width 12,1” (30,7 cm) Depth 14,5” (36,8 cm) Weight 17,9 Ibs (8,1 kg)

Display Control Unit with stand: Height 13,5 “ (34,3 cm) Width 12,5” (31,9 cm) Depth 8,9” (22,5 cm) Weight 8,2 lbs (3,7 kg)

Base Unit: Height 11,5” (29,2 cm) Width 11,0” (27,9 cm) Depth 8,8” (22,2 cm) Weight 13,6 Ibs (6,2 kg)

Applications: CT


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