Portables X-Ray / C-Arm

Portables X-Ray / C-Arm

Portables X-Ray / C-Arm  Portable X ray units are radiographic systems on wheels. Usually they offer 300mA 120kVp power that could be stored in batteries on some models. Analog system will create image on film and a digital system will display image on screen for save/send/print options. Surgical C arms are fluoroscopic systems that allow viewing of live images on a monitor. Most systems offer storage and 2 monitors: one for viewing live images and the other for archiving stored images. Various models will offer larger image intensifier (normally 6″, 9″, or 12″), some will have extended surgical software and others will offer cardiac or vascular facilities such as Digital Subtraction, Roadmapping, cine, etc.

An x-ray image intensifier (XR II) is an image intensifier that converts x-rays into visible light at higher intensity than mere fluorescent screens do. Such intensifiers are used in x-ray imaging systems (such as fluoroscopes ) to allow low-intensity x-rays to be converted to a conveniently bright visible light output. Latest development is a FLAT SENSOR to replace the traditional image intensifier

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