Siemens Nuclear Medicine System

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Siemens Nuclear Medicine System, Gamma camera, 2005, Dual Head

The Siemens Dual head variable angle enables 180°, 90° and 76° detector positions allowing the system to optimize sensitivity and through put for general purpose cardiology, oncology and neurology studies.

  • Automatic body contour for SPECT and whole body imaging.
  • Rectangular 533mm x 387mm FOV

at this week’s annual meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine in Los Angeles.

E.Cam Signature series of SPECT systems is based on redesigned HD4 digital detectors that are more reliable than the older HD3 detectors used on the prior E.Cam systems. Siemens simplified the parts inside the detector head, reducing the number of electronic components and lowering temperatures inside the detector. That makes it less prone to breakdown, according to the company

Other Signature improvements include E.Media, an integrated audio/visual feature to improve patient comfort, and the firm’s E.Soft turbo nuclear medicine acquisition and processing workstation. Siemens’ Syngo-based E.Soft software provides automated processing, hard-copy printing, archiving, and data management, according to Siemens.
The seven-model series also includes Flash 3D, a work-in-progress 3-D beam modeling and iterative reconstruction technique designed to improve image quality, contrast resolution, and lesion detection, according to Siemens. The series features an open gantry and patient-handling system, as well as a high-resolution flat-panel monitor for multimodality and image-fusion viewing, Siemens said. Pediatric and mammography accessories are also available.

All of the E.Cam gamma cameras will be available in a Signature version, with the exception of the company’s entry-level E.Cam Standard single-head system and E.Cam 180 fixed dual-head camera. Siemens will continue to sell the older E.Cam products, with Signature models carrying a list price $20,000 to $30,000 higher than standard E.Cams. E.Cam users in the field can also upgrade to the Signature line


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